Association Policy Wordings

What’s included in the Individual Professional and General Liability Insurance Policy?

Our Acupuncture policies are designed with a few options, please refer to your certificate of insurance to see what coverages apply to your policy.

Professional Liability – Which is any claim brought forth through your actions or non-actions. For example: you cause injury to a third party during the course of your professional service. Limit as per your certificate of insurance

Miscellaneous Malpractice Liability Form (PR09N)-Claims made form  

$100,000 Legal Expense Coverage – Applies to allegations of sexual, physical, or verbal abuse.  This coverage will reimburse you for legal expenses in the defense of an allegation, provided you plead not guilty and are found not guilty. Excluding criminal defence costs.  Claims must be reported within 60 days of being notified of an allegation.

Legal Expense Insurance (PR11N) – Claims Made form

$10,000 Criminal Defense Cost Reimbursement 

This is any allegation, complaint, charge, or relief claimed in connection with a “Criminal Proceeding,  but only if such proceeding arises because of the manner in which you have conduct yourself within your Practice and only if the defence of such action, suit or proceeding is fully successful(you plead not guilty and are found not guilty)

Criminal Defense Cost Reimbursement Endorsement (GE0005) -Claims Made form

Commercial General Liability  (Optional Coverage) – Which is any claim brought forth by bodily injury or property damage you cause to a third party, and for situations that are not in your control. For example, if someone were to slip and fall coming to your appointment. Limit as per your certificate of insurance

Commercial General Liability Max form (LR02N)-Claims made form

$500,000 Tenants Legal Liability (Coverage included only under Commercial General Liability) – Damage you may cause to premises you rent or occupy.  It does not cover your equipment.

Commercial General Liability form-Coverage D (LR02N)

Legal Guard-24/7 Telephone access to legal information service for questions relating to your business

Forms definition:

CLAIMS MADE FORM means claims are covered only if there is an active policy in force. Once the policy is cancelled, for any reason, there is then no coverage. You can purchase trailing policies designed to last 2 to 5 years after you have cancelled your policy. Extended Reporting period options are available should you require to cancel your policy.

Claims:  We cannot accurately provide advice as to coverage for a potential or actual claim without the policy language, the facts of the claim and an understanding of the applicable law. We cannot provide advisory coverage positions without a claim. 

Should you feel you have a potential claim, please contact our office to submit the information and the Claims Department at Novex/Intact insurance will commence an investigation.

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